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Best Smart Home Devices You Should Have

The home of the future is now available today thanks to the advancement in cost-effective smart technology. Such smart technologies are being refined and made compatible with households and fortunately, Mr. Electric of Houston can help you make the right convenient smart home technology choices. Some of the most ideal smart home devices you should consider right now are;

The Smart thermostat
This is not just a home temperature control device, it can help you save more than 20% of the costs of cooling or heating your home. When linked to your smartphone, tablet and other smart devices, you can easily control the thermostat and the device can be easily installed. You can contact Mr. Electric of Houston if you need a smart thermostat.
The Smart plugs
This device can transform any light or appliance into a smart one. They look like adapters that can connect to existing plugs, and can be connected to the home’s Wi-Fi Internet. When connected to an app on your smartphone, you can automate your home lighting by turning on the devices connected, on and off. The app will show you the connected devices that are on and off, but it is important to find the one that works smoothly for you by contacting Mr. Electric of Houston.
The Smart Lock
The smart lock can safely replace the deadbolt, and you can use it with or without your keys. It takes about 30 minutes to set up the smart lock and some extra few minutes to install its app in your phone. With a simple text message, you can give anyone access to your home, remotely and without the need for a key. Aside from relying on Wi-Fi, some smart locks can work with Bluetooth.
The Smart speaker
The smart speaker is one of the entry-level smart devices out there and it can work to control some other devices in your home. Many smart speakers can work with voice commands, especially to play music and give you current news and weather reports. You can also use a smart speaker to control your TV, kitchen recipes and even set a timer for different activities. The features of smart speakers vary considerably, hence it is important to contact an expert in smart devices to make the right choices.  
The Smart Home Energy Monitor
The smart home energy monitor is one of the most efficient ways of monitoring your energy usage. The functioning of this smart device will depend on your smart plug setup and smart device. The smart home energy monitor will indicate the appliances draining more energy unnecessarily, installing this monitor will require that it is connected to the home circuit breaker and you will need a professional electrician to handle this. This device can help you save lots of cash in energy bills on a monthly basis.
Now that you are aware of the numerous benefits of smart home devices, you may want to give us a call at Mr. Electric of Houston to help you make the right choice and for a professional installation.

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