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Bathroom & Kitchen

Need Help with Your Light Fixture Installation in Houston, NW Houston or in any surrounding areas? Call Mr. Electric of Houston Today

Bathroom & Kitchen Lighting in NW Houston

Are the lights in your bathroom too harsh? Can you barely see when you’re cutting vegetables on the kitchen island? Are the fixtures in your home outdated or simply don’t fit the décor of the rest of your house? If you’re looking for a fast, affordable and efficient way to update your household, try a new light fixture installation. At Mr. Electric of Houston, we provide a variety of commercial and residential services including bathroom and kitchen lighting installation in Houston, Porter, NW Houston, Ape, Conroe, Katy, Tomball, Barker, Kingwood, New Caney, Brookshire and other nearby communities. If you’re interested in getting a new kitchen or bathroom lighting installation in Houston or any of our other service areas, give us a call and find out what we can do to help with your next home improvement project.

Bathroom Lighting Installation in Houston, Texas

Whether you’re getting ready for work in the morning, or giving the kids a bath before bed, having adequate lighting is essential. If the lights are too harsh or glaring, they can give you a headache, or create unnatural light conditions while applying makeup. On the other hand, low lighting can make it difficult to see. Investing in new bathroom light fixtures will create the perfect atmosphere to get you and your family through the day, and update your décor as well. Whether you want to install vanity lights on your bathroom mirror, create mood lighting above your garden or jacuzzi tub or want to change the bulbs from harsh, outdated fluorescents to energy saving LEDs, our team of licensed electricians are ready to make it happen.

Kitchen Lighting Installation in Houston, TX

Are you tired of preparing holiday feasts with poor lighting? Is your dinner routine giving you a migraine due to chopping veggies under glaring fluorescent bulbs or washing dishes in dark conditions? If so, then it may be time for an update. Proper lighting will allow you to perform all the vital daily tasks, without the need to squint or take aspirin. Many daily activities take place in the family kitchen and dining area. Whether your kids are doing homework at the kitchen island, you’re entertaining guests at the dining table or you’re preparing Sunday morning breakfast for your loved ones, you’ll be happy that your lights meet your unique needs, lifestyle and décor.

Why Hire a Certified Electrician for Your Light Fixture Installation?

Many different home improvements can be made by homeowners who are handy with a tool box. However, electricity creates dangerous risks that aren’t associated with other construction and renovation tasks. Electrical work should always be performed by someone with extensive professional training. Incorrect installation can lead to electrocution, electrical fires, injury, property damage and code violations. Avoid these negative consequences by hiring a certified, licensed and insured electrician who can do the job fast, effectively and within the rules and regulations of proper bathroom or kitchen lighting installation in Houston and neighboring cities.

Need Help with Your Light Fixture Installation? Call Mr. Electric of Houston Today

Are you ready for your next kitchen or bathroom lighting installation in Houston, Texas? Then call the experienced professionals at Mr. Electric of Houston. Our friendly staff is ready to answer all your questions and can also schedule a convenient appointment with a licensed electrician near you.  

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