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Are you looking for a trusted electrician in Houston area? Mr. Electric of Houston offers 24 Hour emergency electrical repair services in Houston. Schedule certified electricians in Houston, TX now.

Electrician in Houston, TX

Mr. Electric of Houston provides certified and insured commercial and residential electrical repair services and installation in Houston, TX. Call us now to schedule a local electrician in Houston for any type of electrical repair work.

Every day, families and businesses rely on quality electricity to run their lives. Whether you’re cooking dinner, working at the office or entertaining friends on a Friday night, you’ll need to have adequate power to fuel your appliances, tools and electronic devices. When you need an electrical repair in Houston, Texas, it’s important to hire a certified, licensed and insured Houston electrician for the job. Doing so will ensure that you have what it takes to stay on task at all times. Are you tired of searching the internet for a 24 hour electrician near me? You’ve found the perfect solution. The experts at Mr. Electric of Houston are proud to provide high quality, reliable electrical service in Houston, TX and surrounding cities. Contact our office today to find out more about our commercial and residential services or to schedule an appointment with a qualified electrician in Houston.

Professional Electrical Repair in Houston, Texas

It may be tempting to put electrical issues on the backburner. Unfortunately, ignoring necessary repairs or replacements could result in disastrous consequences. Avoid personal injury, electrical fires and property damages by remaining proactive about your electrical maintenance. A Houston electrician can help you stay in control of your power with an electrical inspection and electrical repair in Houston, TX or nearby community.

Electrical Repair in Houston

Why Hire a Certified Houston Electrician?

A lot of homeowners enjoy repairing household items themselves. While this is a noble way to handle many home improvement tasks, electrical work should never be attempted by anyone without extensive training. Electricity can be very dangerous, and someone without experience could suffer from electrocution and personal injury if they run into a mishap. In addition, incorrect installations and repairs can cause fires, damage property and cost more money long term. When you hire a licensed and insured electrician in Houston, you’ll be sure that the work is done right, and you’ll have a safe and effective electrical system for you and your loved ones to appreciate.

Looking for a 24 Hour Electrician in Houston, Texas?

Have you been on the looking for a licensed 24 hour electrician near me? Then you’re in luck. Many companies refuse to perform an electrical service in Houston after normal business hours. However, the certified electricians at Mr. Electric of Houston always put our client’s needs first. We offer our emergency services 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Electrical issues rarely wait for a more convenient time. If your home or business suffers from an unexpected problem, call our office and we’ll send a 24 hour electrician to your location right away, no matter what time it is.

Electrical Service in Houston

Ready for Your Next Electrical Service in Houston? Call Mr. Electric Today

Are you in need of an electrical inspection, repair, installation or other maintenance service? Then call the team at Mr. Electric of Houston. We will come to your home or commercial building and help your system get back on track fast. Call today for more information or to schedule an appointment with one of our certified and insured technicians.  

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